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Ulstein Relaxer Recliner

The Fjords® Ulstein swing relaxer, features an adjustable headrest (see Miami for height adjustable headrest) and manual release headrest angle, makes the seating experience ergonomic and gives your lower back correct support. Available in a wide array leathers and select fabrics. Ulstein is a swivel/glider/rocker recliner available in motorized and manual versions. Ulstein is available in small and large sizes. The swivel base is exclusively available in black.


Fjords® is a complete collection for flexible use of small as well as large spaces. You can choose from many leathers and select fabrics as desired and compliment the combination with accessories in order to optimize the seating experience. Excellent quality and a successful functional design give you the opportunity to furnish with a uniform style.

Fjords® relaxers have continuous adjustments of the back and provide comprehensive support that prevents tiredness in your legs and back. Your individual resting position is achieved by actively moving your body if you choose a manual relaxer.

All of Fjords® relaxers have a unique built-in mechanism that automatically provides the best back and neck support. If desired, it can easily be adjusted by a single movement to further enhance your seating experience.

All Fjords® relaxers are available in either manual or motorized. Motorized relaxers can either plug directly into a wall outlet or operate standing alone with an optional battery pack. The Relaxers are available in 2 sizes, each one designed to fit different body styles for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

Additional information

Small Dimensions

32.5" W
34" D
39.5" H

Large Dimensions

33.5" W
34.5" D
40.5" H

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