SM742 TV Cabinet w/ Remote Link®


The TV/Hi-Fi module #742 has two wooden shelves and a Skovby Remote Link. Fitting for wall mounting are included. The #742 can also be fitted with wooden plinth or legs in wood or stainless steel. The TV/Hi-Fi module makes it possible to hide your AV equipment, and at the same time remote control the equipment by means of the Skovby Remote Link.

Your Skovby Remote Link is compatible with all A/V appliances receiving between 30-60 KHz, which is the standard of leading IR remote control brands. Combine the #742 with wooden doors (#73210), wooden trays (#73225) and glass shelves (#73218).

The possibility of combining the various MODO modules enables you to create your own unique décor – only fantasy sets the limit.



Additional information


47" W
18.5" D
23.5" H