SM26 Dining Table

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Skovby #26 dining table – a new interpretation of the classic eight-legged Skovby table #05


The Skovby #26 dining table is a new interpretation of the classic eight-legged Skovby table #05.

The design of the dining table is retroinspired but at the same time it has a modern expression. The rounded off corners of the tabletop and the interplay with the double legs give the table a vividness but also a visual tranquility. The proportions are wellbalanced.

Skovby #26 dining table – from 4 to 14 people
Skovby #26 dining table has room for four people in its basic position. The three extension leaves under the tabletop, and the possibility of extending with a fourth leaf, give the table a capacity of fourteen people.

Skovby #26 dining table with table top in white and black laminate
Skovby #26 dining table is available with a white laminate table top and legs in either oak – oil natural or – oil white,in smoked oak, black wengé or walnut oil natural. The Dining table is also available with a black nano laminate table top, which can be combined with legs in either oak oil white or walnut oil natural.


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61" L (extends to 122")
40" W
29" H

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