Dreamer Modular Power Reclining Collection

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Reliability and class on the outside with comfort on the inside. Dreamer is a recliner sofa that lets you adjust the sitting position and drown into the snug comfiness with just a press of a button.


Vilmers promotes a culture of passion for comfortable living. They aim to make a room truly yours by providing bespoke products, tailor-made for you. Vilmers has been producing furniture since 1997, combining timeless design, quality, and comfort.


It is the centerpiece of your home where most of your leisure time will be spent, your guests will be entertained and most intimate memories will be made. Sofas are an essential part of a laidback lifestyle – and more than that. They are also about comfort, about feeling at home and relaxed.So how do you combine comfort with aesthetics? While the focus is on comfort, a great sofa must also be aesthetically pleasing and complement the room.


Vilmers takes pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They help customers furnish their homes with sofas that are designed by their team of designers and manufactured in-house.Vilmers truly believe that this is the only way to guarantee the excellence of craftsmanship that they require of themselves and want their customers to enjoy.Years of working with partners across Scandinavia and Western Europe taught them attention to detail for every piece of furniture that leaves their 22,000 sq meter factory.


Vilmers feel that the best design is the one that reflects your personality. Before making a purchase, you should imagine how the sofa will fit into the room, what will it feel like to sit on and what role it will play in your interior design.Their handcrafted Scandinavian-design modular systems will let you express your uniqueness by blending design, materials, and colors to customize the furniture to the fullest.All of their models are designed to fit perfectly into everyday living spaces – so all that is left for you is to select legs, armrests, back cushions, accessories and one of over two hundred highest quality fabric and leather options to make a unique sofa. The possibilities are endless.

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