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In a recent independent customer survey of over 100 furniture stores in the Baltimore/Washington area, Indoor Furniture received the highest overall rating.  Categories rated included price, quality, service, selection, availability and knowledgeable sales staff.

We will not mark our prices up so we can advertise an erroneous 50% off sale.  We have been in business over 32 years by the best advertising; word-of-mouth from smart, satisfied customers.  As a matter of fact, we don’t advertise very often, it’s too expensive and you know who ends up paying for that added cost of doing business.

And then there’s our warehouse showroom: it’s huge (30,000 sq. ft.) but we’ve eliminated the frills and costly accessories.  We may not look as sharp as some of our over decorated counterparts but we know our customers come to Indoor to look at furniture, not vases, not knick knacks, just furniture.  When our customers leave our store after making a purchase, they know they just bought a quality piece of furniture for the best price on the East Coast.

Our furniture is timeless and our commitment to honest retailing is the best advertisement we can provide.  We may have a sale now and then but it’s not because we rolled back our already bare bones pricing, it’s either because we have floor models to clear from our showroom or it’s because we negotiated a deeper discount from our suppliers which we in turn have passed on to you.