SM70 Dining Table

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Skovby #70 dining table with a patented extension system


The Skovby #70 dining table with a patented extension system combines beauty and functions in an innovative design – simple and elegant with curved lines. Skovby #70 dining table has the same extension system as Skovby #19 dining table.

Innovative and beautiful design
The dining table has the shape of an ellipse. The profile of the dining tabletop is sharp with soft and slightly rounded edges. The oval legs of the dining table also have strict lines, but at the same time a curved shape adding a beautiful and unique dimension to the dining table.

Very easy to extend by yourself
The dining table has a patented, synchronous extension system, i.e. both halves of the dining tabletop slide away from each other simultaneously. This makes the hidden extension leaf rise up for smooth unfolding.

The Skovby #70 dining table is very suitable for smaller homes, as its basic size is 98 x 135 cm / 38.5 x 53″ seating four persons. Fully extended to 185 cm / 74″ it will seat six.


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38.5”W x 53-74”L x 29”H