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Cool Gel 6″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Cool Gel 6 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines two leading sleep technologies at incredible value. Gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool during sleep and body-contouring memory foam reduces pressure points and properly aligns the spine. Gel draws heat away from the body, creating a cooler sleep surface, which prevents tossing and turning, making for a more restful night’s sleep. The feel of this gel memory foam mattress is cushion firm – slightly plusher than a traditional firm mattress. This mattress ships compressed for ease of delivery and set up.

Platform base not included.


A gel memory foam mattress can support each part of the body evenly and individually. Gel Memory foam slowly and automatically adjusts to your body weight and temperature. In addition to the slow, conforming response, gel memory foam offers complete, luxurious and stress free support. This can allow the spine to stay in a neutral position. Additionally, when you do move in bed, memory foam gently ‘fills in’ and reshapes itself to your new sleeping posture, cradling every part of your body.

Gel Memory Foam is a unique material that infuses gel particles into visco-elastic memory foam, creating a plusher and cooler sleeping material. Gel memory foam is more porous or open than conventional foam meaning the cells are interconnected unlike closed cell foam; thereby is more breathable and comfortable than higher density visco-elastic foam. The open-celled physical structure of our foams is self-ventilating. Air is able to travel throughout the material and actually dissipate body heat regulating your body temperature. Gel Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites.

Twin Mattress: 39″ wide x 75″ long
Twin XL Mattress: 39″ wide x 80″ long
Full Mattress: 54″ wide x 75″ long
Full XL Mattress: 54″ wide x 80″ long
Queen Mattress: 60″ wide x 80″ long
King Mattress: 76″ wide x 80″ long
Cal King Mattress: 72″ wide x 84″ long
Split King Mattress (2 twin XL): 78″ wide x 80″ long


  • Gel Provides Maximum Breathability
  • Great For Back Support & Pressure Relief
  • Helps Proper Spine Alignment
  • Ships Compressed
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Additional information


queen mattress: 60" wide x 80" long